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Faith in charity must be restored

We must influence the policies of projects, which are concerned with the relief of poverty, to adopt new methods. We have a street paper, called The Solution. This provides education for the public as well as a way for homeless East European immigrants to work. Some of them face a lot of problems with finding jobs, and might otherwise be tempted to use their children to make money.

Lack of adequate birth control can play a role too. Many poor people are poor partly because they are disorganized. Many such people fail to apply their birth control regularly. Therefore safe, economical birth control which needs only to be applied once a year would be a good idea.

There are other ways in which faith in charity may be restored

There is a stereotype of homeless people not wanting to work. This would make sense if most of the homeless were highly skilled and talented, which is not the case. Some people choose to see it this way as it makes it easier to ignore. However, a street paper will provide the homeless with a job, hence proof they are willing to work. Such a paper could be used to educate the public and, if successful, to raise funds for our project too. Stereotyping can make it difficult for homeless people to get jobs. It must be pointed out that many homeless people make a great effort to help themselves and others.

The public should be correctly informed of other things. There is a common misconception of homeless pets being better off caged or dead. This encourages many people to report them to authorities who take them to detainment facilities where most of them are killed. This is a form of exploitation as they are sold and those which do not sell are killed as this is more economical than giving them away for free. The public need to know the facts, so that they will be less likely to support this.

This paper was started for several reasons:


1. The European public have some ideas about child slavery which are far from realistic and are fed by sensational reports, which fail to make the point that child slavery is a major cause of world poverty. Such reports are sympathetic to exploitative parents and do not motivate people to take action against child slavery.


2. Many of the big street papers in Scandinavia publish reports of homelessness which imply that homeless people are typically self-made via substance abuse. This can create stereotyping which makes it harder for the homeless to get good jobs.


3. Many of these big papers have policies which discourage the transient homeless, who cannot get welfare and are the poorest dwellers in Scandinavia. Such policies might be logical from their viewpoint as, allowing a lot of temporary sellers to come and go would be a very difficult job for the papers. New sellers need training and need to be given free papers and badges. It is much easier to have a few trained, regular sellers.


If the world were simply informed that it is harmful to pressure people into unwanted relationships, and that it is harmful to exploit personal love, many children would be spared from suffering and there would be more faith in charity...

Some see love as something to be exploited. This love might be of a romantic nature or of another nature. Some well known examples are those who flirt, marry, or otherwise court, with the intention of gaining money. Would you want to marry such a person? Such people exploit those who love them. What is worse is that some people exploit the love their own children have for them. Unlike the former example, this is not so voluntary.

The aim of this site is to promote the PREACT Preventative Action project.

This is a research and education project.

The objects of PREACT are:

1. HELPING THE POOR TO HELP THEMSELVES: To encourage those who need charity to make an effort to help themselves, thus making donations more attractive.

2. EDUCATION: Educating potential exploiters of children (This includes those who buy products produced by such children, those who do other things which encourage child exploitation and those who exploit children directly.) by promoting an awareness of child exploitation and the problems it causes. Educating those who encourage child exploitation. Educating those who pressure others into having unwanted children.

3. RESEARCH: Finding the best ways to fight the exploitation of children. Developing and promoting convenient, easy to use methods of birth control, to fight child exploitation and related problems. To find good ways of promoting these methods.

Our founder has already done a lot of research into the causes and effects of different kinds of injustice. An education of the masses alone, would prevent a lot of child slavery and other poverty related problems. These objects can be an effective way of fighting these. -JD

See also our child labor page. 


Child slavery causes poverty
It causes adults not to work.
It brings a lot of kids into poverty.
It causes those children not to attend school.
It puts a great pressure on the resources of poor countries.
It deters benefactors from donating aid to these countries.

Many children born to families who cannot afford to support them are forced to work or beg. Some are made, intentionally, with this in mind. The fact that it is still socially acceptable, and encouraged by media, plays a major role.

Many websites, and other forms of media, which report child slavery do so in a manner which is sympathetic to the exploitative parents. They apparently make such portrayals because they are more concerned with their own politically correct image than with the plight of the victims. This is selfish. This makes child slavery appear acceptable. Child slavery should be presented in the media as it really is. Don't be fooled by common misconceptions. Child exploitation does not just happen in poor countries, or countries which lack a pension system. Many welfare recipients, in rich countries, make children in order to increase their payments. Slavery means involuntary servitude. Such children are involuntarily being exploited by their parents. More often than not, intentional child slavery is motivated not by extreme poverty, but by unacceptable poverty. At the end of the day, if your poverty is unacceptable, you should not inflict this on children.

Peer pressure also plays a role in child exploitation. In many parts of the world, one's friends will suggest that one has children and uses them as a source of money. It would be a good idea to educate people about this. It is reasonable to tell people not to make peer pressure - and not to respond to peer pressure.

At the end of the day, it is the poor who suffer the most, as resources become scarcer, and competition for good jobs increases. It also puts benefactors off helping with famine relief, and other forms of poverty relief as it is likely to result in a bigger problem.


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What is very distressing is what happens to some of the children. If they are exploited while still children,
























Let's unite and fight child slavery!

I have been to 77 countries. I have worked in 9 of them. I have lived, and worked, in the third world. I have visited every continent except Antarctica. I have done this alone as a budget traveller. I saw things most travellers will never see. Most world travellers are fairly wealthy and spend much of their time abroad with groups of other travellers, staying in hotels and going around the towns in taxis. They do not socialize with the locals much. I am different. When I am abroad, I chat with the locals, drink with the locals, date the local women and stay with the local families. I travel on a low budget. I do a lot of hitch hiking, sleeping outside and sleeping on couches of those who are kind enough to accomadate me. I can readily relate to the poor as I myself am poor. However, I have seen some things in some places which I have found deeply shocking.

In some places, I met people who spoke favorably of child exploitation and suggested I make children for this purpose. I came up with some good arguments against this. I love to argue - and I am good at it.

I wish to publicise my arguments. While it is unlikely that this alone will eradicate child slavery, I think I can reduce some of it. The bottom line is this: If I can save just one child from slavery, while providing a job for myself, it will be worth it.

Jim Dixon, founder
Child slavery causes poverty
It causes adults not to work.
It brings a lot of kids into poverty.
It causes those children not to attend school.
It puts a great pressure on the resources of poor countries.
It deters benefactors from donating aid to these countries. 














































It is the children who ultimatly pay the price.

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